That’s A Wrap on Wikipedia Dance Project Phase 1

October 31, 2019
Phase 1 of the Wikipedia Dance Project recently came to a successful conclusion with a great session in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Over the course of almost a year, much was learned, much work was completed and the realization of the enormity of the task at hand – raising and improving the profile of Canadian dance artists on Wikipedia – has truly sunk in. We are so grateful for the support of our funders, our partners, friends and local heroes who eased the stress of working in new locations, whip smart participants and our patient and expert Wikipedian mentors. Here are just a few of articles created or improved through this initiative:

Ola Skanks

Elizabeth Langley

Kevin Pugh

Louise Moyes

Kittiwake Dance Theatre

Zab Maboungou

Annette av Paul

Judy Knee

Luther Brown

Ginette Laurin (FR)

Jean-Pierre Perreault (FR)

Still waiting in review limbo (there is a bit of a backlog for approvals on the platform):

Ethel Bruneau

Lois Brown

Stay tuned for more additions to the Wikipedia Dance Project as articles come online over the coming months.

Le projet de danse Wikipedia

La révolution technologique de l’information et des communications est la plus importante en ce 21e siècle. Alors que les supports journalistiques traditionnels, les archives numériques et les imprimés diminuent constamment, voire disparaissent, ou sont peu fiables, la façon de produire et de partager de l’information évolue rapidement. Wikipedia, alimenté par ses usagers et administré bénévolement, demeure solide et convivial. C’est actuellement la plateforme d’information la plus vaste et la plus utilisée dans le monde.

Le projet de danse Wikipedia Danse+ Mots vise à corriger l’absence remarquée de figures de la danse canadienne dans cette plateforme encyclopédique internationale en encourageant la communauté de la danse à rédiger de nouvelles entrées et à améliorer celles déjà existantes par des suppléments d’information. Ce projet est conçu pour encourager la participation de la communauté, son autonomie et son caractère divers et inclusif. L’objectif est d’établir des forums physiques et en ligne où les artistes de la danse de différentes générations et traditions culturelles pourront se rassembler pour partager de l’information, mener des recherches et réfléchir.

Avec le soutien du Conseil des arts du Canada, nous avons amorcé la première phase de ce projet. Elle consiste en diverses activités dans les villes de tout le pays, dont des formations Wikipedia, des séances intensives de mises en ligne, des tables rondes et autres activités de formation.

Vous connaissez un artiste, une compagnie ou un organisme de danse canadien remarquable qui mérite un nouvel article Wikipedia ou une entrée améliorée? Écrivez-nous à wikipedia[at]dancepluswords[dot]ca

Wikipedia Dance Project

The biggest revolution of the 21st century is the information and communication technology revolution.  As mainstream journalism outlets, along with digital archives and print publications, continue to shrink, collapse or become unreliable, how we create and share information is changing rapidly. Wikipedia, crowd-sourced and volunteer-driven, has remained robust and user friendly. Today it is the largest and most used information platform in the world.

Dance+Words’ Wikipedia Dance Project addresses the marked absence of Canadian dance entries on this international encyclopaedia platform by deploying the dance community itself to write new entries and augment existing stubs with new information. This project is designed to address community participation, self-reliance, diversity and inclusiveness. The goal is to build forums, both physical and online, where dance artists from different generations and cultural traditions can converge, share information, conduct research and reflect.

With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, we have embarked on the first phase of the project. It consists of events in cities across the country, including Wikipedia training sessions and edit-a-thons, panel discussions and other literacy-focused activities.

If you know of a notable Canadian dance artist, company or organization that is deserving of a new or improved entry on Wikipedia, please drop us a line at wikipedia[at]dancepluswords[dot]ca




Dance+Words is writer/filmmakers Kathleen Smith and Philip Szporer, working with colleagues, friends and partners across disciplines.

Between us we have trained in dance, performed live and onscreen, founded festivals, curated installations, performance and media work, lectured for educational institutions of all levels in Canada and internationally, produced and directed films, served in audience engagement programs, designed websites and worked with new media, contributed to books and written articles, directed, produced, and hosted radio programs and podcasts, and designed and led dance writing and dance-media workshops.